Friday, June 27, 2014

Free online OBIEE quizzes:

Test your knowledge on a wide range of OBIEE topics with the following quizzes:

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Oracle BI Applications Implementation

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Oracle DAC 10g Administration

Monday, May 12, 2014

Rittman Mead post on future of OBIEE

Mark Rittman has an excellent post covering the current and future states of OBIEE.

The State of the OBIEE11g World as of May 2014 - Rittman Mead

My take aways:

1) Transition from Informatica to ODI - need to get people trained on this;  DAC skills will become     less relevant over time (not immediately but over the next year or two)

2) Pushing cloud based OBIEE - this will impact the need to have resources who do installs, patches,    manage the servers;   this also means new features will become available to those on the cloud much faster;  

3) End users want the ability to create their own data visualizations using their own data merged with OBIEE -accessible data (think Excel on steroids) without having to deal with IT.   Expect to see the ability for users to upload data into webcatalog structure to combine with corporate data in their own reports.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Unannounced Oracle OBIEE

There is documentation on the Oracle website for version that does not appear to have been announced yet.    

Some interesting new features are mentioned in the documentation:

  • A new style named Skyros
  • Ability to delay the execution of dashboard pages.  This will force users to select values from a prompt before executing the reports on the dashboard.
  • Ability to set and send multiple values in a dashboard prompt for request variables when the request variable is a string or numeric data type.
  •  A new view type named treemap. Treemap is a space-constrained, two-dimensional visualization for displaying hierarchical structures with multiple levels. The treemap is limited by a predefined, rectangular area and displays two levels of data. The size of each tile (or rectangle) is based on a measure, and the color of the tile is based on the second measure.
  • Ability to add global variables. A global variable is a column created by combining a specific data type with a value.
  • Using options on the Administration page, you can set the logging levels for Oracle BI Presentation Services.