Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Connecting SQL Developer to BI Cloud #BICS #OBIEE

While Oracle's BI Cloud Service includes basic data loading capabilities via its own Data Loader component, there may be occasions when it is more efficient to load data directly from an existing Oracle database.     For example, the BI Cloud Service data loader is limited to tables of 50 columns or less and to 500,000 rows.   Using Oracle's SQL Developer tool and its "cart" functionality, it is possible to automate the transfer of data from a local database instance to the BI Cloud instance without using an intermediate extract to the CSV or XLS formats that BI Cloud Service Data Loader supports.

The first step is creating the Cloud Connection in SQL Developer. This video demonstrates how to establish that connection.


In this video, the process of adding a table to a cart and processing the data load is demonstrated.   The uploaded table is then modeled using the BI Cloud Data Modeler as a single table fact/dimension and a simple report is created on the data.

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