Thursday, December 1, 2011

New Hire Analysis

Analyzing the performance of new hires can offer insight in to where your organization should focus recruiting efforts. Companies today advertise new positions in a variety of places. Newspaper ads, job posting websites, job fairs, and the company website are just a few of the ways companies try to find new employees. Using the Oracle BI platform, companies can view how many applicants and new hires come from each source. This data can be useful, but adding one more criteria could increase the effectiveness of recruiting efforts. Adding performance ratings of new hires can help show the most productive hiring source. Just looking at the number of new hires by source might reveal that a large portion of new hires come from online job postings. However, adding performance metrics might show that job fairs produce the highest performing new hires. Using this data the HR department can refocus their efforts on recruiting at more job fairs.

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