Thursday, October 30, 2014

Why it’s time to switch to Cloud BI

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  •          Quick, Reliable, and Versatile    
The Oracle Cloud BI allows you to create analysis’ in seconds. It allows you to edit views to create graphs that will allow your customers/consumers to easily distinguish the data you have provided for them. In Cloud BI you are now able to use all the BI apps on any mobile device. This allows for a very easy access to any of your data that is put into the Oracle Cloud. Cloud BI may be used through small groups all the way up to an entire organization. The product can be personalized for the optimal use for any amount of members.

  •          Secured
Cloud BI is moderated through the Oracle Public Cloud. The Oracle Public Cloud meets all of the industry's strictest standards for security. The data that is stored into the Oracle Cloud is never passed through third parties. This should allow the customers to know that their data can be stored safely and not have to worry about hackers accessing their private information.

  •          Easy to Learn
Cloud BI has a substantial amount of guidance that allows all users to easily access any type of training and tutorials that they please on the product. There are already many tutorials and training videos that Oracle has put out to allow customers to n and get a head start on the product.

Here is a good website to start on your training and tutorials:

Oracle Cloud BI is a necessity for any organization that is trying to get the most reliable and efficient analytics platform while reducing the need for dedicated hardware and software installations

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