Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bug in SDE_PSFT_InternalOrganizationDimension_DepartmentHierarchy_Derive

The delivered mapping SDE_PSFT_InternalOrganizationDimension_DepartmentHierarchy_Derive has a bug in it where it is incorrectly mapping the column W_INT_ORG_DHS.ORG_HIER12_NUM to the wrong column. 
Relevant area of the mapping is shown here:

ORG_HIER12_NUM is connected to port L13_NODE_LABEL (the L13 is correct even though it is connected to HIER12).

If you look at the surrounding port expressions around L13_NODE_LABEL, you will see that they are all in pairs of VAR_LXX_NODE_LABEL and :LKP_W_PSFT_INT… but for L13_NODE_LABEL, it has :LKP instead of VAR.

So the fix is to change the expression on L13_NODE_LABEL to: 

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