Monday, May 21, 2012

COMPA Ratio Metric in HR Analytics

One of the key metrics in Oracle's HR Analytics in the Compensation subject area is Compa Ratio.   This metric is an industry standard measurement of where an employee's salary fits as compared to other employees in the same pay grade.  

In HR Analytics, the calculation is based on two logical columns:

 CASE  WHEN "Core"."Fact - HR - Operation (Workforce)"."Pay Grade Mid Yearly Amount" <> 0 THEN "Core"."Fact - HR - Operation (Workforce)"."Total Annual Base Salary" / "Core"."Fact - HR - Operation (Workforce)"."Pay Grade Mid Yearly Amount" END 

The physical columns for the calculation are:

Notice that the calculation can be sourced from either the aggregate table, W_WRKFC_BAL_A for the salary component or from the W_WRKFC_EVT_MONTH_F table depending on the columns selected in the Answers analysis.

Also note that the metric is based on global currency so the expectation would be that the Pay Grade Mid Yearly Amount would be stored in global currency as well.


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