Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How do we develop entry level OBIEE resources?

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition  (OBIEE) is a business intelligence (BI) software platform sold by Oracle Corporation to large customers around the world.  The software allows developers to build analytical dashboards and reports using a variety of data sources.    Oracle also sells packaged business solutions built on top of the OBIEE platform for Financial, Human Resource, Supply Chain, and many other applications.   In a typical environment, a customer will purchase the OBIEE platform and OBIEE Applications package and then contract with a consulting organization to implement and customize the software over a period of several months.  These projects normally involve anywhere from two to ten resources working on various IT and business related tasks.   

What is the challenge?
Finding resources, especially junior level OBIEE  consultants, who can be productive while billable at competitive rates is not an easy task. 

We have devised a plan for developing entry level OBIEE resources in 12 weeks.
Click Here to view the OBIEE Intern Development proposal document (Word format) 

Here are some highlights from the program:

The proposed plan to address the development of OBIEE consulting resources is centered on a twelve week training plan that exposes the participants to the entire OBIEE and OBIA technology platforms as well as developing basic consulting “soft skills”.  The program would be very rigorous with a high level of expectation in terms of the commitment by the trainees and an aggressive schedule akin to a “boot camp” experience.

Upon completion of the twelve week program, there should be sufficient evidence of the capabilities of the participants to make a hiring decision or to recommend placement in other areas of the organization where the person’s skills may be better utilized.  The participants will have an opportunity to attain two or three Oracle certifications - Oracle Database SQL Expert, Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite 11g Essentials, and possibly t Oracle Business Intelligence Applications for ERP.

These books will be used as instructional materials for the program.

 The planned curriculum:

Technical Focus Area
Consulting Skills Focus Area
-          Introduction to OBIEE and OBIA platforms
-          Dimensional modeling
-          SQL (Oracle SQL certification exam by the end of week 8)
-          Overview of Soft Skills
-          OBIEE Overview
-          OBIEE Dashboards & Analyses
-          General Dashboard Design Principles
-          Presentation Skills
-          Peoplesoft Applications Overview
-          OBIEE Dashboards Continued
-          OBIEE RPD Metadata Development
-          Problem Solving
Shadowing opportunity on an OBIEE project

-          OBIEE RPD Metadata Development Continued
-          Introduction to OBIA applications
-          Peoplesoft  HR Introduction
-          Presentation Skills
-          OBIA HR Application Configuration for Peoplesoft
-          Introduction to Informatica
-          Introduction to DAC (Data Warehouse Admin Console)
-          Effective Listening
-          Informatica Continued
-          Advanced Topics in OBIEE RPD
-          Execution of Data Warehouse Load for HR data
-          Presentation Skills
-          OBIA DAC Overview
-          Introduction to Customization of OBIA Applications
-          Informatica Continued
-          Team Building
Shadowing opportunity on an OBIEE project

-          Peoplesoft Finance Introduction
-          OBIA Financials Application Configuration for Peoplesoft
-          Presentation Skills
-          Execution of Data Warehouse Load for Financials data
-          Customization of OBIA Applications Continued
-          Conflict Resolution
-          OBIEE System Management
-          OBIEE Security
-          Individuals deliver a presentation to senior managers demonstrating a particular area of expertise acquired during the program

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