Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Version Released

A new release of the Oracle Business Intelligence Applications has been announced.   Version is generally available from Oracle Technology Network (OTN).

Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Documentation Release Notes

Some key points from the release notes:

  • The minimum version of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition required to run the Oracle BI Applications Installer is   The installer does not check the version during the install and will not generate a BI Apps RPD file if the platform version is lower than
  • 1.3.13 Revenue Ago Metrics Using GL_Accounting_Period_WID Not Supported by
    PSFT in Oracle Project Analytics
        This issue applies to Releases and
    PeopleSoft does not support Revenue Ago Metrics Using GL_Accounting_Period_
    WID.  Workaround: To use the metrics available in table "Ago Measures" from the Subject Area "Project Revenue", you must remove the foreign key joins on Period from these facts in the
    repository (RPD). The server then uses the Date foreign keys, resolving the problem.
  • 1.3.15 Writeoff LOC Amounts and Exchange Rates Incorrect in Oracle Project Analytics
    This issue applies to Releases and  The data sourced from PeopleSoft for the W_PROJ_RETENTION_F table shows incorrect data for Project Retention write off amounts if the transaction currency code is different from the GL currency code. Workaround: There is no workaround for this issue.
  • 1.3.36 Recruitment Metric "Time to Fill (Days)" Has Incorrect Denominator
    This issue applies to Release only.
    The recruitment metric 'Time To Fill (Days)' calculates the number of days lapsed
    between when a requisition is opened and when it is closed. The formula is calculated
    as follows:
    sum(W_RCRTMNT_EVENT_F.RQSTN_OPEN_TO_RQSTN_CLOSE_DAYS) / nullif(count(distinct W_
    The denominator should be Closed Requisitions not All Requisitions.
    The workaround for this issue is to apply the following change to the Oracle BI
    Enterprise Edition repository file (OracleBIAnalyticsApps.rpd):
    1. Backup the existing repository file.
    2. In the repository file, identify the logical fact table 'Fact - HR - Recruitment Event
    3. Locate the logical column 'Time To Fill (Days)'.
    4. Double-click the logical column and change the expression, as follows:
    Core."Fact - HR - Recruitment Event Information"."Time To Fill (Days) -
    Internal" / Core."Fact - HR - Recruitment Event Information"."Job Requisitions
    Core."Fact - HR - Recruitment Event Information"."Time To Fill (Days) -
    Internal" / Core."Fact - HR - Recruitment Event Information"."Job Requisitions
  • 1.3.58 CURRENT_DAY Variable Defaults To A Static Value Instead of a Dynamic Value
    This issue only applies to Release
    Dashboards that use the metadata repository variable CURRENT_DAY are showing
    invalid data because this variable is defaulted incorrectly to the static value 4-14-2011.
    1. Use BI Administration Tool to edit the BI metadata repository.
    2. Configure the value of the CURRENT_DAY variable to have the Default Initializer
    This can done by double clicking the CURRENT_DAY repository variable under
    the option Manage, then Variables, then Static.


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